Are shares still on sale?

Not at the moment. At some point in the future we may need to raise more capital, or to pay off the bank loan we have. If and when this will happen is a matter for the current members [who are the shareholders] to decide, and it is something that is likely to be talked about at the first Annual General Meeting, in 2014. If you’re already a member, or if you’re signed on to the customer forum on this website, you’ll hear all about any future offer if and when it happens. But none of this will be soon, we’ve got lots else to do first.

Do members get special privileges?

At the moment, none beyond the great feeling of buying a pint in your own pub [and knowing it will help pay your members’ interest and dividend]. We'll be looking at it.

Will the CoOp buy any other pubs?

We could, but we suggest we get to running this one smoothly first. This too would be a matter for the membership when they meet. But don’t wait for us: buy your own! Take a look at the ‘How We Did It’ page…

Will the celebrity owners do a gig?

We won’t be able to resist asking them when we next meet them, but it’s not planned at the moment…

Can I work at The Bell?

That’s not really our job over here, it’s a pub operational thing. Go ask them behind the bar and they’ll tell you if there’s anything going. We almost hope not because our staff are fab and we don’t want to lose any of them!

Can I hire a room for a party?

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will let you know.

What happens if I want to withdraw my shares?

We hope you will want to hold your shares for many years and pass them on to loved ones, but after a minimum period of 3 years, there is a mechanism whereby the Society can buy back your shares, subject to a few conditions, at original face value.  Any such withdrawal is at the discretion of the Board, and they will have to take the financial state of the company into account when deciding. Shares are also transferable to e.g. a partner in case of death: EMail or talk to the Company Secretary in such a case.

When / how will I be able to get tax relief for EIS?
We've started the process - if you're a member and haven't heard from us about getting registered for it, get in touch now!