The members of The Bell Community Co-op include customers, regulars & staff of the pub, but we also have members who have an affection for the place though they now live far away, or who just liked the idea of owning a pub.

At the beginning the Board of the Co-op, the Directors, were the founder members of the Co-operative. They were replaced by an elected Board at the first Annual General Meeting, and there will be elections for one third of the places on the Board at every subsequent AGM.  Some of the founder members have stood successfully for election to the Board, so it now contains a healthy mix of old(ish) hands and newcomers. Since our latest AGM on 2 July 2016 the Board has been: 

Mike Harrison [Chair]
David Stringer [Treasurer]
John Revell [Company Secretary]
Simon Emery
Steve Henwood
Clare Hughes
Wendy Matthews
Barry Raynes
Pete Riley 
You can EMail any of those individuals by putting after their first name.
Many people contributed to the success of the CoOperative Buy-Out. We especially want to thank:

The Founder Members
 [they did most of the work]
: Sue Pryor, 
William Heath,
Tom Chapman, 
Wendy Matthews
, Patrick Cave
,  Steve Henwood

The artists:
 Hattie Knight
, Perry Harris

On the machines:
 Garry - - 
Rod & Stephen @ - Mr Rigby

On the grapevine
: Nick Allen, Stevie Holder

 Bell Customers & Friends, 
Bell Staff
, The Committee's long-suffering families
, Musicians at the launch, Jimmy Mac, 
Local musicians in general.

The Experts:
 Hilary Sudbury, 
Jim Brown, 
Ged Devlin, 
Simon Borkin, 
Tim Lerwill, 
Don Foster, 
Nick Roberts
, Dan Smith
, Rhi Craven, 
Andrew Torr
, Paul Pennycook, 
Ric Jerrom.

The real people: 
Esther and Grev, Nina, Geoff, Graham, Roman Banwell
, Jackie Russell
, Minuteman, Bath 
Green Park Station & Market, 
Bath Fringe    

and last but in no way least...Ian Wood