The Bell is a historic free house and music pub on the edge of Bath city centre: it is owned by 536 of its customers, fans and workers under IPS CoOperative rules. We finally bought the pub on July 2nd 2013.

We're dedicated to Live Music, quality artisan produce, real ale & cider, the ecology, fair trade, analogue sounds [including vinyl], and Bath's wonderful artistic community. Walcot still Waives the Rules!

We're proud to be the largest pub buyout project in Britain, and the first CoOp pub in Bath.
Unlike most other Community and CoOp pubs to date, The Bell has always been a flourishing and profitable enterprise: we took the place on at the departure of a popular and respected owner in order to keep it running in accordance with the values already listed above – to which we are adding the personal political and economic principle of CoOperation.

The staff and management are professional and properly paid, we try to show the musicians and other artists that they are valued, but the Board of the CoOperative are volunteers and many others continue to contribute to the cultural life here for the love of it all or for costs only.

Like to know how we did it?

Want to talk? EMail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This website is mostly here to be series of forums for discussion of ideas for the pub, day-to-day customer and CoOp business, questions, information about the pub and the CoOp, observations - and amusing irrelevancies.

You will have to be registered to post on the forums or download documents; some downloads and discussions are accessible only to CoOp members, or staff, or Board members.

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